Jim Roberts worked 28 years as a contractor specialty rep for United States Gypsum Co.

After an early retirement in 2009 Jim developed the idea of The Hanger's Edge while hanging drywall in his basement over a drywall suspension system that enclosed the HVAC duct work.  The drywall suspension system is simular to a ceiling tile grid layout but designed for drywall.  It occurred to Jim that he might be able to clamp the drywall onto the drywall suspension system first to get it perfectly aligned before the screw attachment.  Suddenly the concept of the Hanger's Edge came to mind.   Through the years Jim has seen and experienced allsorts of drywall complaints and installation problems and plans to bring that expertise to the professional installer, the DIYer and first timer installer.  The Hanger's Edge web site will be under continuous development as it adds new products and drywall tips on how to hang and finish drywall.  There will be plenty more to come, this is just the beginning.