The Hanger's Edge - (Drywall Installation Tool Kit)

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5 stars
from on 8/4/2017
Great, useful product and prompt shipping!
from on 7/4/2017
This is not a review of the product as it much more a review of the customer service. I ordered the product to use on project helping a friend fix her garage ceiling. Well the product never arrived. I could see that the shipment was sent immediately after I ordered. The problem was the post office.

I received an email invitation to review the product and I wrote back that the product never arrived and I had finished the project for which it was intended. Well Mr. Roberts replied and said he had checked and it was going to be delivered later that day. And he said he was refunding my money.

I have not used the product at this time but I must commend the response and refund of my money by Mr. Roberts. In the online business market of today you do not come across companies that go the extra mile to insure customer satisfaction.
from on 10/7/2015
This simple yet intuitive tool turned my normally 2 person job into a one person job. I was able to hang all my drywall on my garage ceiling all by myself when without your product would have been virtually impossible. Thank you again for a great product.

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Irwin: Locking C-Clamp 6R 2"/50mm clamping Irwin: Locking C-Clamp 6R 2"/50mm clamping
The Hanger's Edge Drywall Installation Tool will attach with screws but this clamp will make the work go fast and allows easy adjustments.
$12.00 *
Plus $8.00 standard shipping and handling per the total order in the USA.
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